High quality DIN connector USB cable


A high quality USB Cable with DIN connectors to allow for disconnecting the connected devices without unplugging from your PC.

Available with either In-Line or Panel Mount female connector.

A quality USB cable, with a professional DIN connector at one end and a standard USB Type-A connector at the other to connect to your PC.

These are generally made to order, but usually ship within 48 hours.

This cable acts as a very high quality USB extension cable, using a 5-pin Lumberg DIN plug. It comes in 2 parts:

  1. A high quality coiled USB cable with bare wires at one end and a male DIN plug at the other end
  2. A high quality 1.5 meter non-coiled USB cable with a female DIN plug on one end and a standard USB Type-A plug on the other end to connect to your PC

There are 2 options for the non-coiled cable:

  1. In-line – both male and female plugs are the same round style
  2. Panel mount – The non-coiled cable comes fitted into a right angle bracket that can be bolted to a rig. The bracket has holes for M4 bolts (not included)

This cable is ideal to be used with a converted Fanatec wheel or for your own projects.