Simucube 2 Sport


  • 17 Nm of direct drive torque
  • Designed for Sim Racing
  • Ultra low latency
  • Simucube Quick Release – Motor Side Only
  • Torque Off button
  • Simucube Wireless Wheel Support
  • No Motor Mount Included
  • Encoder resolution – 22 bit
  • Easy to use, TrueDrive software
  • 24 Month limited warranty
  • PLEASE NOTE: Supplied with UK 3 Pin Plug or EU 2 Pin Plug based on shipping location

17 Nm of direct drive torque and Simucube 2 benefits. This wheel base is designed for Sim Racing enthusiasts. The SC2 Sport delivers serious amounts of power for an adrenaline filled experience . The Sport builds on the responsiveness and signal processing of the top-end models of world famous Simucube 1.

The Sport is your key to the club of sim racing champions.


Simucube 2 model Sport
Simucube Wireless Wheel™ support – Yes
Simucube Quick Release™ – Motor Side only (Wheel Side sold separately)
Torque reconstruction processing – Yes
Static force reduction – Yes (1)
Natural damping, inertia and friction filters – Yes
Ultra low latency mode – Yes (2)
Adjustable torque slew rate limit – No (3)
Non-linear force saturation – No (4)
Super Fine tuning filters – No (5)
Factory calibration – Cogging calibrated
Max torque – 17 Nm
Max torque slew rate 4.8 Nm/ms
Encoder resolution – 22 bit
Torque Off button – Standard (premium optional)
Power supply – 280 W
Physical size – 130 x 130 x 250 mm
Fixing holes – M8 x 4 pcs
Screw bolt pattern dia – 145 mm
Flange centering hole dia – 110 mm

  • Full torque dynamics range without the need of gym training to turn the wheel. This filter will allow reducing the static torque needed to turn the wheel on heavy cars while maintaining all the fine force details to give a competitive advantage to the Simucube 2 driver
  • Minimizes the delay between simulator and driver giving better responsivity and less oscillation
  • Reduces the sharpness of the kick in high torque spikes
  • Reduces peak torque in non-linear way
  • Allows fine adjustment of detailed filter parameters

In the Box

  • Simucube 2 with Simucube Wireless Wheel™ support
  • Simucube Quick Release™ – motor side
  • 50.8 mm – 70 mm wheel adapter
  • USB B cable for PC connection
  • Quick start guide
  • Torque Off Button
  • Simucube power unit with UK power leads or EU 2 Pin Plug based on shipping location