SimuCUBE is a complete simulator force feedback controller for single motorized actuator such as a steering wheel. For full details, see SimuCUBE product page.


To build a working force feedback system, obtain also following items.

  • IONI Pro or IONI Pro HC drive (available from this web store)
  • 24 VDC to 48 VDC power supply, recommended minimum of 300 W power capability (available from this web store)
  • Servo motor for force feedback generation
  • Various cables and connectors to wire up the system, for full details follow the product page and
  • Wiki user guide
  • MMos or compatible OpenSimWheel firmware (downloadable from various Internet sites) until the official open source firmware for SimuCUBE is released

Items that are not needed (unlike IONICUBE based solutions):

  • SimpleMotion V2 adapter
  • Separate power supply for logic circuity – a single power supply will be sufficient
  • Regenerative/braking resistor
  • External capacitors