Simucube Wheel Side Quick Release


  • Rock solid coupling
  • Quick release
  • Compatible with Simucube 2 wheel bases

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Designed to fit with the quick release system on Simucube 2 wheel bases and this version 2 is compatible with the version 1 wheel base side. Having a second steering wheel fitted with this wheel side kit will allow you to quickly swap and change steering wheels as many times as you like.

  • Securely mounts your sim steering wheel and provides a rock solid feel
  • Precision machined
  • Suitable for steering wheels with 70mm and 50.8mm bolt patterns

This Simucube 2 quick release wheel side kit V2 allows you to have a second wheel set up, ready to go to connect to your Simucube 2 wheel base. The quick release will provide an effortless, rock solid coupling and has been designed to withstand the extreme forces of a direct drive wheel base.