Sim-UK Test the T1000

We get hands-on with ProSimU’s simulators at their HQ in France

Sim-UK Director, Paul Weeks, recently had the pleasure of being invited to ProSimU’s headquarters in Lille, France, to test out a host of new updates and refinements to their hugely impressive T1000 motion platform range.

Paul got hands on with every model in the series and was blown away by the build quality, range of movement and stunning level of realism they provide.

“The T1000 platforms are awesome pieces of kit – these things are seriously bombproof.” He excitedly said. “When I first strapped myself into an actuated simulator, the range of instantaneous movement felt utterly realistic and I could even feel my wheels losing traction as I accelerated out of corners in-game.”

There are four models in the T1000 range, which starts off with the fixed cockpit T1000 and goes up to the ultra-reactive T1000 5M. The range topping model features five high-performance actuators for unsurpassed levels of realism.

Each platform in the modular range is fully upgradable, giving customers originally purchasing a T1000, T1000 2M, or T1000 3M the potential to eventually bring their platform to the same specification as the T1000 5M – if they so desire.

Back at home, the Sim-UK team are currently hard at work building a full cockpit simulator around the T1000 platform at our Dulverton HQ. Once complete, it will be available for customers to come and experience for themselves exactly what the incredible T1000 is capable of.