The ultimate combination.

New structure1, specifically designed to handle PROSIMU® PRS200™ actuators

Several actuators strokes available, up to 200mm

Traction loss system to feel the loss of grip / yaw of the vehicle

New-generation PRS200™ actuators, with breathtaking performance2

Fast. Powerful. Accurate.

Breakthrough the boundaries of simulation with the T1000™ 5M. Equipped with 4 PROSIMU® PRS200™ actuators and 1 Dyadic actuator for traction loss, strap yourself in for a breathtaking experience. This dynamic chassis offers 4-axis movement and a stroke up to 200 mm. The PRS200™ actuators, the brand’s newborns, are based on the latest technologies in the industry, and offer unprecedented performance. Ultra-reactive, powerful and with striking fidelity, they are the perfect asset for an ultimate combination.



Made of the best materials, the T1000™ 5M chassis is designed to last. The metal structure has been specifically designed to handle movements without distortion, and without loss of fidelity.


Incredibly powerful, the PRS200™ actuators make the T1000™ 5M simply amazing. No need to say more, the statistics speak for themselves. All this, with a more than modest power consumption.

5 motion. 5 actuators

The T1000™ 5M provides 4 degrees of freedom thanks to its 5 actuators. It is capable of accurately reproducing most of the movements felt in a vehicle, even the smallest ones. The traction loss system of the T1000™ 5M offers very characteristic sensations, allowing you to feel the loss of grip or the yaw of the vehicle. Stay on course in all circumstances with the T1000™ 5M.

4x PRS200™

High performance actuators

1x Dyadic

Traction loss actuator

The T1000™, Supercharged.

The T1000™ 5M is the most powerful of its category, showing breathtaking statistics and offering many technological innovations. It is the result of several years of experience in the world of simulation. With the T1000™ 5M, no compromise, get the best of PROSIMU®.




155 cm


110 cm


140 cm


Excluding seat / accesories

240 kg



280 mm/s


2 G

Max weight4

200 kg

1. The accessories are not included with the chassis.
See product in store for more information.

2.PROSIMU® PRS200™ and Dyadic SCN6 actuators are presented with a carbon fiber covering film sold separately. See product in store for more information.

3. Height with PROSIMU® seat.

4.Maximum weight per actuator for optimal performance.

The ultimate combination.